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Sofa Cleaning Services

Our Cleaners deeply clean the sofa and remove dust by using a multi-step process. We never fail to impress our Customers with our best sofa cleaning services made with latest equipment and high-quality chemicals only.

What is included in our cleaning services?
  • For Fabric Sofa: - Dry vacuum Shampooing - Wet vacuuming
  • For Leather Sofa:--> Dry Vacuuming -->Shampooing-->Cleaning

Steps involved in our sofa cleaning process

  • Dry vacuuming the surface to suck the dry dirt and dust
  • Next up, handpick all the wrappers, pencil shavings, food crumbs, etc. from stuck at the corners.
  • Apply the foam base and gently brush to get rid of all the stains, germs, grease and dirt
  • Vacuum cleaning to extract all the leftover dirt.
  • Ta-da!! Your sofa is shiny-as-new. Go ahead and flaunt it!.

We certainly boast of great customer service, and you will get to know that once you choose us. So why waste time. Just dial the number and contact us.

  • 3 SEATER – 499 RS.
  • 5 SEATER - 699 RS.
  • 6 SEATER – 900 RS.
  • 7 SEATER – 1000 RS.
  • 8 SEATER – 1200 RS.
  • 10 SEATER- 1500 RS.
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